Publications and Communications

The Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture

The Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture is the peer-reviewed professional journal of the American Horticultural Therapy Association. 

Published annually, the Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture presents quantitative and qualitative research in horticultural therapy, case studies documenting the effectiveness of horticultural therapy, articles detailing therapeutic garden design, and other issues in the profession.

Contact the AHTA office or use the links above to purchase digital copies of the Journal.

Please note that we do not provide issues or articles for free for any purpose, including research or student projects.

AHTA Magazine 

The AHTA Magazine is an electronic publication that provides relevant articles on a range of topics for people and facilities interested in horticultural therapy, therapeutic horticulture, and people-plant interactions.

The editorial mission of the AHTA Magazine is to highlight programs, practitioners, best practices, and professional standards to enhance and improve HT program delivery. Topics include issues in the profession, upcoming events, useful resources, focus on special populations, and horticulture information.

Past editions of the AHTA Magazine and the prior AHTA Newsletters can be found online in the Member Center.

Guidelines for submitting an article
Do you have an article or idea you’d like to share with your HT colleagues? We encourage you to submit articles of 1,200 words or less. Download the article submission form to learn more about AHTA Magazine author guidelines and copyright information and complete the form and send it to Debra  Edwards, HTR - [email protected]AHTA Magazine editor. If photographs accompany your article, please sign and include a photo release form to authorize AHTA to use the photography.

The deadlines for submitting articles are:

  • Spring Issue - March 20
  • Summer Issue - July 20
  • Fall Issue - October 16

AHTA Board Bulletin

The AHTA Board Bulletin is the quarterly publication of the American Horticultural Therapy Association and is available to members only.  The AHTA Board Bulletin provides the AHTA members up-to-date information about the Association.  The Bulletin covers the business of the AHTA Board of Directors meetings, announces upcoming events, introduces changes to AHTA policies that directly impact members, and includes the President’s Message.  Through this publication, members stay apprised of the AHTA’s Board of Directors activities.