National Horticultural Therapy Week

March 17–March 23, 2024

Each year, the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA) coordinates the efforts of regional networking groups, affiliated horticultural therapy programs, and AHTA members to collaborate in celebrating the profession on a national and local level. By hosting a variety of special events or activities, we're able to collectively elevate recognition and appreciation for our programs and our profession. 

National Horticultural Therapy Week Proclamation

Have you thought about contacting your state and local officials to request a proclamation for National Horticultural Therapy Week (NHTW)?  Find out if there are any special rules or guidelines to follow regarding the content of your proclamation.  Many state and local officials' websites allow you to request a proclamation online. It can take several weeks to process a request, so be sure to submit yours in plenty of time for your NHTW celebration. Consider how, when and by whom the proclamation would be officially presented. Arrange to have a photographer present during the presentation and distribute the photo(s) to the media, including the editor of your local newspaper, with a write-up about the proclamation and the importance of horticultural therapy.

Following is a sample proclamation text. 

Whereas: The American Horticultural Therapy Association has declared the week of March xxxx as National Horticultural Therapy Week, and

Whereas: Horticultural therapy can benefit people with disabilities or mental illness; veterans; incarcerated persons; seniors; and patients, staff, and visitors at medical facilities, and

Whereas: The use of the people-plant connection as an accepted approach to treatment dates back to the late 1700s,

Therefore be it resolved that I, ____________________________ (Governor, Mayor, Municipal Leader) of ____________________ (State or City) do hereby proclaim March [insert dates] to be National Horticultural Therapy Week. I encourage all citizens to learn more about the use and benefits of horticultural therapy.


Laura DePrado’s Article from Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture 2017: Volume XXVII issue II: Raising Awareness of Horticultural Therapy with the Seed of “National Horticultural Therapy Week” and Roots of New Jersey Agriculture

North Carolina’s 2023 Proclamation

North Carolina's Resolution H. Con. Res. 92

2023 Events

March 19-25, 2023

Horticultural Therapy Week Celebrated


Chesterfield NJ - Horticultural Therapy Week was celebrated in Chesterfield at Fernbrook Farms in partnership with Final Touch Plantscaping, LLC on Tuesday recognizing the benefits of this time proven practice using therapeutic benefits of horticulture as a modality to improve quality of life, were Congressman Andy Kim (NJ-03), the New Jersey Department of Agriculture Representative for Secretary of Agriculture Douglas Fisher, along with community leaders including the New Jersey Nursery Landscape Association.

Kim said, “Horticultural Therapy Week” promotes health wellness, togetherness, learning, and improving.  Thank you to Laura for having me come out today and I encourage everyone in New Jersey to take time this week to discover some horticulture in your community.  Whether it’s getting your hands into a local garden or visiting one of our nearly 1000 farms across the 3rd district, I hope everyone of all ages will join me in celebrating the valuable contributions horticulture and horticultural therapy brings to our community every day.”

The program “Plants make people Happy” was a collaboration between Fernbrook Farms owners Larry and Susie Kuser, staff, and Final Touch Plantscaping, LLC, CEO Laura DePrado, who specializes in customizing activities and programs for people across the garden state.  Participants rolled up their sleeves, engaged their senses in meaningful exercises and planted an array of herbs, and took a tractor tour. 

“New Jersey was the first state to officially recognize horticultural therapy as an extremely beneficial practice for people at various levels of participation,” New Jersey Department of Agriculture Secretary Douglas Fisher said.

“We’ve been in the business of plant education and connecting people to plants for 30 years.  The rise in awareness and interest in Horticultural Therapy gives validity to these benefits that we’ve known about and studied for years," said Kuser.  Fernbrook Farms is a multifaceted 230-acre preserved farmland that operates a Wholesale Nursery, Environmental Education Center, a seasonal CSA, Marketplace and an Inn with private events. 

For information about the Fernbrook Farms contact Becky Corey, 609-298-3868,

Add Your 2023 Event - contact [email protected]

Previous Horticultural Therapy Week activities planned by AHTA members

NHTW Official Proclamation, Pam Chance, Retired Professional Member - 2022
For National HT Week I was able to obtain from NC Gov. Cooper, his official Proclamation recognizing this week as NHTW. I also provided 10,000 Taxacum Officinale seeds to Parks, Rec n Cultural Resources, D. Dix Park staff for their use in future programming. 

Connecting with local organizations during NHTWLana Dreyfuss LPCC, LCADC, SEP, HTR, AHTA President-Elect - 2022
During NHTW I reached out to our garden staff at UIHS- United Indian Health Services in Arcata, CA, one of the staff is studying HT and requested we continue the conversation we started pre covid about getting horticultural therapy groups going at their garden! We have our first meeting next week! Also, I reached out to the Open Door Wellness Garden in Del Norte County as they wanted someone to supervise a horticultural therapy intern, so hoping we can connect!

Cheri Larsen, HTR will be celebrating at her new horticultural project. - 2022

Northeast Horticultural Therapy Network - 2021
The Northeast HT network will be kicking off National HT week with our membership drive & social ZOOM gathering. 
Horticultural Therapy week in Spanish! - Perla - 2021
Perla is a HTC from Puerto Rico. This year she is planning to celebrate national Horticultural Therapy Week by:
  • Conducting several interviews in Spanish on my Weekly podcast (“La verdura de hoy”) about what is HT, and the experience of colleagues in other countries in Latin America, Spain, and London.
  • Posting on my blog and social media about HT and its benefits, particularly in the workplace which is my área of interest; also share some profiles about colleagues working in HT
  • Combine efforts with other HT professionals to promote resources in Spanish for those interested in this field.
New Plantings in California - Silvia Yoshimizu-Yee - 2021
My students and I will be building a new raised bed with NWTH in mind.  We've been slowly adding California native plants and flowering plants to add intrigue, excitement, and wonder while supporting the local biodiversity.  Very exciting and a great addition to the outdoor classroom.  

New Community Garden - Tammy Black - 2021
The Manistique Community Treehouse Center, plans to start a new garden in the community with the help of clients and students to Celebration National Horticultural Therapy Week.

Flower Delivered to Hospice Patients - 2020
Mona D. Gold (Retired Professional Member) delivered flower arrangements to Hospice patients and the staff at an inpatient Hospice unit at Abington Hospital in honor of the work that the staff is doing during Covid-19.  

Horticultural Therapy Quarantine Activities Ciri Malamud, MA, CRC, HTR, AHTA Board of Directors Member - 2020
For National Horticultural Therapy Day, I’m celebrating by being mindful of all those patients and beneficiaries of Horticultural Therapy sessions that are postponed during the national quarantine. One of the ways I have chosen to celebrate with my participants is to post on my website, today and daily until the quarantine is lifted, photographs of flowers blooming this spring in my gardens, and plant-related activities, for all to enjoy in a moment of peaceful respite. 

Horticultural Therapy Week celebrated in Somerset County - 2020
Meridian Health Carrier Clinic sponsors an active horticultural therapy program that is overseen by Laura DePrado in support of its patients. Levine noted that horticultural therapy is a time-proven practice with therapeutic benefits and, because spring officially began with the vernal equinox on March 20, 2019, this “was an ideal time to focus our energies on the therapeutic benefits of garden environments."

Third Annual National Horticultural Therapy Week Celebration - 2020
Co-sponsored by the NYBG Adult Education Program — Horticultural Therapy Training Program and Mid-Atlantic Horticultural Therapy Network. Presenters brought six slides of their available internship sites (or experiences) and gave a 5–7 minute talk.

Deborah Freeman and Augusta Baines Celebrate National Horticultural Therapy Week - 2019
Mrs Baines, a teacher by profession enjoys sharing her creative techniques, mixing mud pie flowers! Ms. Baines is 103 years young and still enjoying plants/ flowers and living independently

North Carolina - 2019
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed the proclamation recognizing March 18-24, 2018 as Horticultural Therapy Week.

New Jersey - 2019
New Jersey passed a bill making the third week of March National Horticultural Therapy Week.

Earthtones Northwest, Portland, Oregon
Horticultural and music therapists from Earthtones NW created a display promoting horticultural therapy and AHTA.

Brother International Corporation, Bridgewater, New Jersey
Horticultural Therapist Laura DePrado facilitated an educational horticultural therapy workshop for employees who engaged with plant materials while creating hands-on projects with purpose and meaning.

A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab, Atlanta, Georgia
Officially opened and dedicated a third horticultural therapy greenhouse during National Horticultural Therapy Week.

Belmont Hospital Northwest, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The PRS (persons receiving services) at Belmont Hospital Northeast created "seed bomb" packages to give away. The “seed bombs” were placed in spots throughout the facility for patrons to pick up and take with them with instructions to throw the bomb on neglected land throughout Philadelphia. 

By hosting a variety of special events or activities, we're able to collectively elevate recognition and appreciation for our programs and our profession. This spring, set aside time to refocus, refresh, and reconnect with your wonderful horticultural therapy colleagues and worthy professional ideals. Let us know how you celebrated National Horticultural Therapy Week by emailing [email protected].