Pre-Approval of Coursework for Professional Registration


Thank you for your interest in pursuing a Horticultural Therapist-Registered (HTR) with the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA). Full details about the requirements for HTR can be found online at

The pre-approval process is designed to assist you in determining if a course meets the requirements for professional registration. It is important to note that this process will review the human science and plant science coursework for professional registration as outlined in Section D. "Academic Coursework" of AHTA’s Professional Registration Policies and Procedures.  

The AHTA currently has an accreditation process in place for the nine semester credit hours for horticultural therapy.  This pre-approval form only addresses the plant and human science coursework, not the required horticultural therapy coursework required for professional registration. For a list of accredited horticultural therapy programs visit

Please Note: current Professional Registration Policies and Procedures require college credit and the information provided below are for semester credits. Please use this table for conversion from quarter units to semester units.  

The information found in this form has been developed using the AHTA’s Professional Registration Policies and Procedures and Course Titles/Content that Support AHTA Core Curriculum.

You may submit a course that you have already completed, or a course that you are considering taking in the future.

Complete Pre-Approval Form

When submitting the Pre-approval of Coursework for Professional Registration, you must also include the course number, title, course description, a copy of the course syllabus, and a copy of the course calendar (if available). Do not submit for review without a copy of the syllabus and course description.

AHTA Required courses:

A list of required course content for professional registration can be found at

Single-Course vs. Multi-Course

Single-Course Approval: You can do a single course review which would be one three-hour credit course that will equal the course content needed for one AHTA required course.

Multi-Course Approval: AHTA will review of more than one course to meet the requirements of an AHTA course title area. Content from a course cannot be counted toward more than one AHTA Course Content area. If you are using this method, the form will allow you to connect specific content in a course to an AHTA Content area. For example, you cannot use a course objective such as propagation by cuttings to fulfill the AHTA course topic area of Introduction to Horticulture and Plant Propagation.

It is recommended to utilize one course for each topic area. In the event you need to use more than one course, please use the Multi-Course Approval section of this form. A maximum of three courses may be combined for one AHTA Content Area.

Quarter-hour conversion information

A course taken for less than three (3) semester credits in a subject area may be combined with another course in the same subject area to equal the minimum requirement of three (3) semester credits required in the subject area. Review the Quarter to Semester Conversion Table for additional information.

You may use this form for pre-approving more than one course at a time (multiple course listings per application are permissible).
Cost for pre-approval review: AHTA members - $35, Non-Members - $75

Complete Pre-Approval Form

Incomplete applications for pre-approval of coursework will not be reviewed by AHTA. Be sure to attach a course description and syllabus for each course you are seeking pre-approval for.

Pre-Approved Courses

AHTA Required Course: Introduction to Horticulture

Course Title and Number: Directed Studies in Horticulture / HORT 2883 Section 103

Course Title and Number: Sustainable Horticulture STOCKSH 110 / University of Massachusetts Stockbridge

Course Title and Number: Introduction to Horticulture / HRT 121

 AHTA Required Course: Plant Propagation

Course Title and Number: Plant Propagation / STOCKSCH 200 / University of Massachusetts Stockbridge

 AHTA Required Course: Pest and Disease Plant Management

Course Title and Number: Integrated Pest Management / STOCKSCH 581 / University of Massachusetts Stockbridge

 AHTA Elective Course: Soils

Course Title and Number: Soil Science and Management / STOCKSCH 106 / University of Massachusetts Stockbridge