Code of Ethics

The American Horticultural Therapy Association is dedicated to promoting all levels of interest in the development of horticulture and related activities as a therapeutic and rehabilitative medium. The association strives to improve the performance of programs utilizing horticultural activities in human development through communications, coordination, knowledge dissemination, and promotion of education and training. Furthermore, AHTA is dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of horticultural therapists. This service is predicated on a basic belief in the intrinsic worth, dignity, and potential of each human being. Respect for this belief shall guide the member's professional conduct.

The Code of Professional Ethics for Horticultural Therapists was first adopted in 1985. It was revised several years later in 1993. The Code of Ethics was updated and revised by the AHTA Credentialing Work Team and adopted in March 2015. The updated and revised Code of Ethics reflects the increased accountability and professional competency required of registered horticultural therapists. The Code is effective June 1, 2015, and all registered horticultural therapists who hold HTA, HTR, or HTM voluntary professional registration credentials are asked to subscribe to its principles.

View the AHTA Code of Professional Ethics for Horticultural Therapists.