The AHTA work teams, review boards, and committees conduct the business of the Association through the collaboration between the AHTA Board of Directors and the AHTA membership. AHTA welcomes and encourages membership participation. Please contact the AHTA office at [email protected] for more information. 

AHTA Magazine Work Team

The AHTA Magazine Work Team strives to keep the membership informed about the organization, the horticultural therapy profession, and related horticultural therapy information through soliciting, writing, and editing articles for the tri-annual AHTA Magazine.

Board Chair: Linda Brown-Kuhn, HTR

Awards Review Board

The Awards Review Board supports the Association by administering the AHTA Awards Program, reviewing the nominations, and selecting nominees. Awards are presented at the Awards Ceremony held annually at the AHTA Conference.

Board Chair: Matthew Janson, CTRS, HTR 

Certificate Program Accreditation Review Board

The Certificate Program Accreditation Review Board supports the Association by providing an objective review of Certification Program applications.

Board Chair: Donna Hunt

Conference Work Team

The Conference Work Team assists in the planning and development of the AHTA Annual Conference. Work team members evaluate submissions, review programs, and assist onsite at each conference.

Team Co-Leaders: Laura Rumpf, HTR, Sara Rodriguez, LMFT

Credentialing Work Team

The Credentialing Work Team is responsible for researching and identifying the necessary steps to pursue the professional credentialing of horticultural therapists.

Team Lead: Lana Dreyfuss, LPCC, LCADC, SEP, HTR

Marketing Work Team

The Marketing Work Team expands the awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the Association through outreach, advertising, networking, and developing fundraising endeavors.

Team Lead: Matthew Janson, CTRS, HTR

Membership Work Team

The Membership Work Team is responsible for all aspects of the AHTA membership and for developing ideas and events to increase membership in the Association.

Board Chair: R. Nicole Magor, M.S

Nominations and Elections Review Board

The Nominations and Elections Review Board supports the Association by providing an objective review of the nominee applications for the AHTA Board of Directors.

Board Chair: Vacant

Professional Education Work Team

The Professional Education Work Team facilitates communication with horticultural therapy educators, the AHTA membership, and potential students regarding academic and professional opportunities.

Board Chair: Charles Jordan Jr.

Professional Registration Review Board

The Professional Registration Review Board supports the Association by providing an objective review of professional registration applications.

Board Chair: Nicole Giron, HTR

The AHTA Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture Editorial Review Board

The AHTA Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture Editorial Review Board facilitates the dissemination of horticultural therapy information, research, and professional practices through the publication of the bi-annual AHTA Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture.

Editor: Matthew Wichrowski, HTR 

Sponsorship Work Team 

The sponsorship work team is responsible for innovative ways to attract sponsors to support the mission of AHTA while heightening visibility of AHTA professional practice worldwide. 
Board Chair: Kelly Warnick
Webinar Work Team
The webinar work team is responsible for the design, implementation, and evaluation of webinars related to horticultural therapy. 
Board Chair: April Ellis, LCSW, HTR