Horticultural Therapy Internships

An internship is an effective way for horticultural therapy students to gain experience in the field. Through the internship, students learn about the theory and application of horticultural therapy as a treatment modality for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

Internships offer an opportunity for the intern to serve in the role of clinician, educator, and technician while gaining experience in the therapeutic and horticultural aspects of professional practice. Internships take place in a variety of settings such as botanical gardens, hospitals, vocational centers, and residential facilities.

An internship in horticultural therapy is required for AHTA Professional Registration. Interns are supervised by a registered horticultural therapist (HTR or HTM level) who work closely with the intern to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to provide effective horticultural therapy services.

Note:  Effective June 1, 2020, all horticultural therapy intern supervisors must be registered for a minimum of one (1) year and have at least one (1) year full-time work experience as a professionally registered horticultural therapist or the equivalent of 2,000 hours.  Prospective supervisors should contact AHTA.

A current list of facilities offering internships is available through AHTA. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the horticultural therapy program and establish the internship. If an intern is an AHTA member and is seeking an off-site supervisor, AHTA can assist in locating an HTR or HTM within a geographic area.The AHTA Horticultural Therapy Internship Handbook offers a full explanation of the current internship requirements.

Please see our Internship FAQ page or contact the AHTA with any questions you might have.

Horticultural Therapy Internship Resources

Do you know of a facility that might wish to host an internship? Please share that facility’s information with us.