New HERD Research Paper: Effects of Biophilic Nature Imagery

Effects of Biophilic Nature Imagery on Indexes of Satisfaction in Medically Complex Physical Rehabilitation Patients: An Exploratory Study

Recent research concludes that the presence of biophilic nature imagery has a significant effect on a patient's experience during hospital stays. These findings have implications in settings where real nature is prohibited by logistics or infection protocols and support the benefits of nature exposure for those who might not have the opportunity due to their medical situation. 

Matthew J. Wichrowski, MSW, HTR | John R. Corcoran, DPT | Francois Haas, Ph.D. | Greg Sweeney, DPT | Arlene Mcgee, RN, MA, MS

Health Environments Research & Design Journal 2021, Vol. 14(3) 288-304


Objective: Exposure to nature has been shown to influence various dimensions of human experience in the healthcare environment. This mixed-method study explores the effects of the presence of biophilic, nature-based imagery on patient perceptions of their hospital room and aspects of their experience in rehabilitation.

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