Call for 2024 Board Nominations

The American Horticultural Therapy Association Board of Directors is seeking nominations for four (4) open board positions. You may nominate yourself or someone you believe will help steer the course of AHTA into the future. If you are an individual with expertise in nonprofit management, education, and research, we especially need your help; however, all nominees are welcome! This will be a three year term (October 2024-October 2027). 

Note: Please remember the nominee must be a member in good standing with AHTA.

Nominations are now closed.

 Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a member in good standing with AHTA. A member in good standing is someone who has been a member for 12 months or more and whose membership rights are not in suspension.*
  • Possess a working knowledge of horticultural therapy as a treatment intervention, along with experience in any field that can raise the professionalism of AHTA

*A nominee who is not a member of AHTA at the time of nomination will be given consideration on an individual basis.

Some Board of Directors Commitments Include:

  • Three year term. (October 2024-October 2027)
  • Commitment to AHTA’s vision and purpose
  • Attend all board meetings (virtually or in-person) and be prepared to assume travel and per diem costs incurred for any in-person meetings
    • The board meeting at the AHTA Annual Conference
    • A board meeting usually held in late winter/early spring at a designated site
  • Be on a work team or review board and become a work team leader or review board chair after 1 year of service on the board)
  • Be prepared to volunteer 5–10 hours a week to facilitate the business of the Association

Nominees shall:

  • Demonstrate leadership and service in the field of horticultural therapy or in organizations that can bring special skills to AHTA (e.g. education, research, marketing, public relations, fundraising)
  • Have a working knowledge of parliamentary procedures (preferred but not mandatory)
  • Prepare for—and participate in—board and committee meetings (including conference calls), ask questions, take responsibility, follow through on assignments, and evaluate oneself
  • Develop certain skills if one does not possess them, such as understanding financial statements and/or learning more about the operations of the Association

If you are nominating yourself or a colleague, personal and professional characteristics are important! The AHTA Board of Directors is seeking nominees who:

  • Think critically, communicate effectively, and work well with people individually and in a group
  • Are a person of strong character, with a sound moral compass to guide one through life
  • Are compassionate and respect, support, and take joy in the accomplishments of others
  • Are resilient, committed to hard work and perseverance, and responsive to constructive criticism
  • Are positive leaders and understand the importance of serving others
  • Respect and understand people of different genders and backgrounds

Nomination Requirements:

  • Resume to include a description of skills, experience, prior leadership roles
  • A completed AHTA Board of Directors nomination form

Nominations are now closed.

Board Testimonials

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