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Concurrent Sessions 6
October 21, 2023 | 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

Session 6.1  |  Session 6.2  |  Session 6.3

Session 6.1 | Seeds of Wellness: Exploring the Impacts of Horticultural Therapy & Nature-Based Expressive Arts on Adult Wellness


Horticulture programs have been shown to help improve wellness. This program will provide information and ideas for other practitioners to develop wellness-focused programs using horticultural therapy and nature-based expressive arts techniques. Participants will also learn about wellness assessments that could be utilized in an individual’s practice.

About the Speaker

Beth Anderson Walker

Beth Anderson Walker, MA, LPC-MHSP, NCC, is a licensed professional counselor in Tennessee and Colorado and a counselor education doctoral candidate at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville. She holds a certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy from Appalachian State University, a certificate in Horticultural Therapy from UTK, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). Beth also serves as the coordinator for the Grief Outreach Initiative and instructor for the grief education and mentorship course at UTK. She is a strong believer in and advocate for nature-based interventions to support holistic wellness.

Derrick Stowell

Derrick Stowell, PhD, HTR, CTRS is the Education and Horticultural Therapy Program Administrator for the University of Tennessee Gardens. He is responsible for directing the horticultural therapy programming provided to community organizations, supervising interns, and teaching the University of Tennessee Horticultural Therapy Certificate Program.

Session 6.2 | Need to Know Developments in Horticultural Therapy & Horticulture for Health

Integrating a mix of new ideas, programming & research into HT - self-regulation, polyvagal theory, COVID’s impact on gardening, nutrition & food action & why sweet potato frozen dessert is on the radar. New resources drawn from the horticulture for health perspective & relevant to HT.

About the Speakers

Lesley Fleming

Lesley Fleming, MA, HTR leads the Florida Horticulture for Health Network (FLHHN) and the Nova Scotia Horticulture for Health Network (NSHHN). She writes extensively on issues related to HT & horticulture for health, is editor in chief of Digging In & Cultivate epublications, creates content for the FLHHN website, is a reviewer and regular contributor to the Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture (JTH). Her 2022 journal articles include: “Relevancy of Sense of Taste to Horticultural Therapy” (JTH) & co-author of “Horticulture for Health Activity in U.S. Hospitals: Horticultural Therapy, Nutrition-led Programming, Gardens in Hospitals, and Affiliated Community Gardens” (JTH), and “Virtual Horticultural Therapy: A Qualitative Study Capturing University Students’ Perspectives on Benefits, Challenges and Future Issues” in Health Education & Public Health.

Session 6.3 | Horticultural Therapy and Nature Exposure Counseling From a Survey of Pediatric Primary Care Providers in Philadelphia, PA

Our team at the Jefferson Center for Autism & Neurodiversity surveyed pediatric primary care providers in Philadelphia to evaluate how providers perceive horticultural therapy and counsel patients on nature exposure.

About the Speakers

Andrew Zeiger

Andrew Zeiger is a medical student at Sidney Kimmel Medical College. He received a grant to investigate horticultural therapy for youth, which he presented in multiple academic and community settings. Andrew has published scientific articles on pediatric lung disease in underrepresented populations. He won a research prize for work on medical student social connectedness and has served in multiple roles to aid in curriculum development. His long-term goal is to create a pediatrics clinic on a nature site that marries modern medicine with early and consistent nature exposure. Andrew received his B.S. in Molecular Biology from the University of Washington..