AHTA Horticultural Therapy Certificate Programs Course Schedules

This calendar schedule of courses is intended to provide the reader a quick and easy glance of the classes being offered by AHTA approved certificate programs. Each listing includes the name of the program, contact information, dates and names of courses being offered. For more detailed information such as locations, times, registration process, etc., please use the contact information listed for each program.

Program & Contact Course Dates and Names

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Main Contact:
Gary L. Altman, MS, CRC, HTR
[email protected]

11:776:201 People-Plant Relationships - Every fall semester - hybrid course 

11:776:225 Introduction to Horticultural Therapy - Every spring semester - online course 

11:776:325 Horticultural Therapy Techniques and Programming - Every spring semester - online course

11:776:495/496 Internship in Horticultural Therapy - Every summer semester - Hybrid or in person course

Horticultural Therapy Institute

Main Contact:
Christine Capra, 
Program Manager
[email protected]

Horticultural Therapy Programming (online)

(prerequisites required)
April 15–18, 2021
May 20–23, 2021

Horticultural Therapy Management

(prerequisites required)
September 15–19, 2021
September 29–October 3,  2021
(dates may change depending on if class is online or face-to-face)

Fundamentals of Horticultural Therapy 

Oct. 21-24, 2021 (Denver, CO or Online)

Nov. 11-14, 2021 (Atlanta, GA or Online)

Dec. 2-5, 2021 (San Diego, CA or Online)

Portland Community College

Main Contact:
Jan Abushakrah, PhD.
[email protected]


Summer 2020 -Spring 2021, Online & remote classes

Spring Term 2021 

GRN272: Therapeutic Gardens (3 credits)
Online: March 29 – June 13 / Prescheduled Remote Meetings: Sat: Apr 10, May 8, June 5 

Summer Term 2021

GRN267: Professional Therapeutic Horticulture (3 credits)
Online: June 21 – Sept 4/ Zoom Meetings: Sat (8am-12pm): July 10 & Aug 7 and every Thursday, 5-6pm

Fall Term 2021 (must co-enroll in GRN268 & GRN269)

GRN268: Therapeutic Horticulture Strategies (2 credits)
Online: Sep 27-Nov 7 /Zoom Meetings: Sat (8am-12pm): Oct 16 and every Thurs, 5-6pm

GRN269: Therapeutic Horticulture Skills I (2 credits)
Online: Nov 8 – Dec 19/Zoom meetings: Sat (8am-12pm): Dec 11 and every Thurs, 5-6pm

Winter Term 2022 (must co-enroll in GRN270 & GRN271)

GRN270: Therapeutic Horticulture Programming (2 credits)
Online: Jan 10 – Feb 16/Zoom Meetings: Sat (8am-12pm): Jan 29 and every Thurs, 5-6pm

GRN271: Therapeutic Horticulture Skills II (2 credits)
Online: Feb 17 – Mar 27/Zoom Meetings: Sat (8am-12pm): Mar 5 and every Thurs, 5-6pm

Spring Term 2022

GRN272: Therapeutic Gardens (3 credits)
Online: Apr 4 – Jun 19/ Zoom Meetings: Sat (8am-12pm): Apr 23 & May 21 and every Thursday, 5-6pm

New York Botanical Garden

Main Contact:
Phyllis D'Amico, HTM
[email protected]

Please check back for 2021

Temple University

Main Contact:
Peg Schofield, HTR
[email protected]

Check back for 2021

University of Florida

Main Contact:
Elizabeth (Leah) Diehl, RLA, HTM
[email protected]  

University of Florida will be starting its third cohort of HT students this Spring 2021 semester.
The two courses offered this spring are: 

PLS 3080 Introduction to Horticultural Therapy

PLS 4081 Techniques in Horticultural Therapy (pre-req is PLS 3080)

The spring semester is scheduled to start Jan. 11th, 2021

Delaware Valley University

Main Contact:
Nancy A. Minich, HTR, RLA, ASLA
[email protected]

LAES 3365 Horticultural Therapy Management Spring 2 3/25 – 5/13